Sustainable Development and International Health Partnerships In Wales

Public Health Wales is organising a conference onSustainable Development and International Health Partnerships In Wales.

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the post-2015 framework for international development.

Wales is the first nation in the world to put in place a legislative link to the UN SDGs - the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (WFG).

The Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales is directly linked to global responsibility, health and developmental work performed by the Welsh NHS abroad. The International Health Coordination Centre (IHCC) has been working to raise awareness of and support international health partnerships and global citizenship in Wales. This initiative is the first of its kind and serves as an example for unified commitment and a model for ensuring sound governance, good practice and reciprocal and responsible international work.


The event is free and is being held on the 10th  of December in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

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